Transition Warmups with new shield plus

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Warming up for target transitions and multi-taps (I start slower to ensure safety then push the needle once I know I’m not doing anything stupid or picked up any bad habits) (and LOTS of dry fire practice before doing this with live ammo)

never try to learn a new shooting skill with live ammo, never.




Here is the sequence:

  1. safe quick draw from holster
    1. trigger finger aligned to index along frame, always adhere to the rules of gunsafety
    2. clear holster (and defeating any garment)
  2. compress grip
    1. both hands joined on pistol in front of torso
    2. trigger finger still indexed on frame
  3. presentation of pistol towards target
    1. maintaining constant eye contact with target/threat
    2. bringing sights into line of sight between dominant eye and target
    3. muscle memory achieving sight alignment and sight picture
  4. the shot
    1. trigger finger moves to trigger
    2. steady movement to squeeze off shot,
    3. return sights to “home” asap (this is followthrough)
    4. slack on trigger already taken up during muzzle flip
    5. repeat step 4 until goal is achieved
    6. fired five shots at target A (to check my grouping with new pistol), swapped mags, and used 9 rounds for my transition warm up
  5. the transition
    1. after muzzle flip of last shot at existing target
    2. upper torso twists (head, shoulders, and arms, are fixed as single unit)
    3. eyes should move to and acquire new target before sights arrive
    4. presentation steps b & c confirmed
    5. resume step 4

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