NRA BOPS – in your home

Taught in Your Home (or meeting hall)


Confidence Through Competence

The official NRA Basic Pistol Safety Course
required to apply for your MA  License To Carry

– Instructor Led (NRA Certified): (this comprehensive course will equip the student with: stance, hands-on training and experience with firearms, aiming, accuracy, safety, gun cleaning, gun storage, range etiquette, proper gun selection, etc.)

The courses are approx. 7+ hrs long
(and finish with visit to range for live fire qualification)


This course is normally taught on Saturdays  (from 8am – 4 pm)

Yes, this course can also be taught in your home. (contact me for additional details beyond what is listed below)

  • minimum of three people, maximum is 5
  • $50 dollar* additional fee for bringing class equipment to your location
  • wide screen tv required for powerpoint portion of presentation

*fee may be waived for classes of 4-5 students depending on distance to travel

To Request A Basic Pistol Safety Course in your home:

  1. Sign up to request a saturday class date in between (click here)
  2. I will contact you to confirm details and request payment

(any questions can be emailed here)