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at about 30 seconds into the exercise , you’ll see me doing an unusual 360 “walking-pivot” as I transition between the two spaces of hallway and living room (that’s because I had to step into an “x” that requires looking in two opposite directions at same time and requires moving fast while clearing one direction then turning and moving to face the opposite direction and being difficult to hit while doing it)   kinda looks like a ballet move but it’s effective when there are no alternatives. This was run 5 out of 5 runs (the first four were good as well, and my wife moved the targets around each time between runs,  but they didn’t record as well)


video down below…


  • location of ravens is unknown each time
  • time is considered limited


  • keep moving
  • avoid ambush and exposing back side to attack
  • work any angles available , staying away from sharp limits of angle
  • avoid flagging around angles
  • once line of fire is established, maintain fire superiority (for expediency sake)


  • Taurus G3c 9mm with a resettable trigger and striker (double action/single action semi-auto)
    (equipped with a “G-Sight” 9mm laser trainer cartridge)
  • rechargeable LED pocket light (Wuben C317900258 1200 Lumen)
  • “Dudley Doo-Right” voice (optional but fun)



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