NRA Basic Pistol (LTC/FID)

Confidence Through Competence

The official NRA Basic Pistol Safety Course
required to apply for your MA  License To Carry

8 hour comprehensive instruction
•  Designed for those new to firearms
•  Lots of “hands-on” with various pistols.

•  Taught by an NRA certified firearms instructor
•  20 rounds Live-Fire .22LR  (and 9mm upon request)
•  Exceeds NRA Basic Pistol safety requirements.
•  Earn a nationally recognized certificate of achievement (NRA Pistol Safety Certificate)
•  Earn a Certificate of MA Safety Class (adds to MA application and great for MA out of state application)
•  Meets minimum concealed carry requirements for many states. 
•  Learn about additional NRA skill building opportunities.
•  Prerequisite for advanced NRA student courses and NRA Pistol Instructor Certification.

Everything you need to meet NRA Basics of Pistol Shooting course national standards.

I recommend this beginner course for those who are new to firearms or have limited experience, or need a certificate to apply for a License to Carry. The class offers in-depth instruction in all facets of firearm ownership including safe gun handling, parts and components, operations, ammunition, maintenance, basic shooting positions including Isosceles, Weaver, and Fighting Stances,  safety rules, and shooting techniques for better accuracy. Class is taught by an NRA Certified Instructor in a casual, fear-free environment to maximize the learning experience.

Graduates from this class meet requirements for most states for applying for a concealed carry permit. Some states require additional education or certification (see your local Police Department for more information). i.e MA only requires NRA BOPS certificate, RI also requires B-22 shooting proficiency certification (which I can also do for you).


– Instructor Led (NRA Certified): (this comprehensive course will equip the student with: stance, hands-on training and experience with firearms, aiming, accuracy, safety, gun cleaning, gun storage, range etiquette, proper gun selection, etc.)

The following Instructor Led Courses are approx. 8 hrs long
(and include a visit to the range for live fire shooting and coaching)


This course is normally taught on Saturdays  (from 8am – 4 pm)

This course can also be taught in your home (click here).

To Take A Basic Pistol Safety Course:

  1. sign up on a Saturday class (click here)

  2. then make your payment (click here)

(any questions can be emailed here)