Interview 1 on defensive shooting

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An unscripted interview with my wife who is beginning her journey of self-defense shooting skills




for more information about defensive training, click here

What she has done so far:

  1. safe quick draw from holster
  2. compress grip (also not visible in this video but performed)
  3. presentation of pistol towards target
  4. the shot
  5. the transition


  • Presentation and discussion time: 20 minutes
  • Practical Instruction and Dry Fire Repetition: 2+ hours
    (cumulative in 15 minute windows spread out over weeks)
  • Transferance to live ammo (and success): 15 minutes
  • most of the time learning a new firearm skill is spent practicing it safely with a cleared pistol
    (only the last stage requires live ammo to adapt the skill set to incorporate recoil management and shot anticipation)

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