Firearms Training and Defense


firearms training, NRA Instructor

21st Century Minuteman exists for two reasons:

  1. Help responsible citizens to acquire their license to carry a firearm (LTC).
  2. Train responsible citizens to use firearms safely and effectively to protect themselves and others.

Classes are taught by an NRA Certified Instructor in a casual, fear-free environment to maximize the learning experience and kept small to ensure opportunity for questions and interaction (the best learning experience)


1. NRA Basics of Pistol Safety
(needed for L.T.C. application)

WHO IS IT FOR: Those who are new to firearms, have limited experience, or need a certificate to apply for a License to Carry. The class offers in-depth instruction in all facets of firearms safety, operation, and ownership.

WHAT IS TAUGHT: Safe gun handling, parts and components, operation, ammunition, maintenance, basic shooting positions including Isosceles, Weaver, and Fighting Stances,  safety rules, shooting techniques for better accuracy. (click here for more information)

2.  Defense Course. (needed for survival)

WHO IS IT FOR: Those who are looking to learn what basic skills are needed to defend themselves with their every day carry (EDC). 

WHAT IS TAUGHT: How to practice and acquire those defensive pistol skills, and how to keep those skills sharp. Situational awareness, and tactical skills are also covered (click here for more information)

Firearms training which exposes you to various skills and tactics to practice for effective defensive use of a pistol.

firearms training, defense

Confidence Through Competence

Many people out there are confident that “having a gun” means they ARE PROTECTED,  but without practice (and competence resulting from that specific practice), that confidence is misplaced and their mistake is not realized until it is too late. (as an example, there are many people who carry a pistol daily but could not hit a 6 inch circle from 10 feet away consistently (and without any situational pressure).

A gun is a tool, like a knife, club, fist, or an elbow/knee.  These are all tools that are relatively worthless without the skill sets to use the tool effectively. Skill sets are only built and grown through correct  practice. I want to help people get their LTC to start with, but also help them learn how to competently use the pistol as intended.  

  • Don’t just hope you’ll be able  do what you need to do,
  • and don’t “believe” you can do it because you need to do it,
  • have the confidence based on experienced competence.

You’ll know you can do it because you have actually done it.

At 21st Century Minuteman You Can Learn:

  • Basics of Pistol Safety
    • how to get L.T.C.
    • safe firearm handling/storage
    • disassembly and cleaning of firearm
    • range shooting
  • defensive shooting
    • situation awareness
    • tactical methods in attack scenarios
    • tactical effectiveness in your own  house
    • defensive use of pistol and skills to practice
  • even try various pistols
  • Keep your shooting skills sharp
  • use your own pistol with 21st century technology to improve your shooting, detecting the slightest movements or faults with live feedback for optimal training.

Located in New Bedford, MA