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21st Century Minuteman

began when I started meeting other gun owners who had acquired their LTC’s but had no idea how to use their pistols or worse, had no idea how to defend themselves in a real-life attack.

“I started my journey after acquiring my MA L.T.C. through a commonwealth class and realized that all I knew how to do was hold and clean a pistol (and shoot a bullseye at 20 feet after taking 10 seconds to achieve sight picture on a rather “threatening looking” piece of paper).  As I began to research and expose myself to the various scenarios of actual attacks, I realized I was completely unprepared to use E.D.C. to defend myself.

I would like to spare you that same mistake.”

I currently teach two classes:

The difference between skills practiced on a flat range and skills needed to survive an attack are quite different and need to be practiced differently as well to be effective.

Many people out there are confident that “having a gun” means they ARE PROTECTED.  Without competence, that confidence is misplaced and their mistake is not realized until it is too late. (as an example, there are many people who carry a pistol daily but could not hit a 6 inch circle from 10 feet away consistently (and without any situational pressure).

Practice is the only way of fixing this …  not attitude, not confidence, not even will power; but awareness of the deficiency and commitment to practice to correct that deficiency is the only solution. This is the only way to get on the path of being a responsible and competent conceal carry citizen.


Confidence Through Competence

A gun is a tool, like a knife, club, fist, or an elbow/knee.  These are all tools that are relatively worthless without the skill sets to use the tool effectively. Skill sets are only built and grown through correct  practice. I want to help people get their LTC to start with, but also learn how to competently use the pistol as intended.  

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21st Century Minuteman
stands in gap and my goal is to teach other gun owners how to survive an attack, (not just put holes in paper at 30 feet).

Here you will find information and links to sign up for

  • Tactical /Defense Training  (required for surviving an actual attack)
  • NRA Basic Pistol Safety Class (required for L.T.C. application)
  • Practice.
    • (supervised lesson/use only)
    • I also offer various pistols for those who need to try one or more at range and have ammo.
    • I am happy to take someone to the range so they can keep those perishable skills fresh.


You Can Learn:

  • how to get L.T.C.
    • safe firearm handling/storage
    • range shooting
  • defensive shooting
    • tactical methods in attack scenarios
    • tactical effectiveness in your own  house
  • even try various pistols

Located in New Bedford, MA