Firearms Training with a Personal touch!



firearms training, NRA Instructor

U.S.C.C.A. and N.R.A. Certified Instructor.

Classes are kept small for a “personal experience”

  • (4 or less) to ensure opportunity for questions and interaction.
  • Lots of hands-on throughout the class.
  • Everyone benefits from a “personal trainer” atmosphere.
  • Can even be taught in your own home or meeting hall !

There are 4 different classes offered:
(and gift certificates are available)

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1. Concealed Carry and Home Defense Fundamentals(USCCSA Cert.)

2. Basics of Pistol Safety (LTC class NRA Cert.)

3. Defense Course

4. Get to Know Your Pistol.

I also offer multiple USCCA “mini-classes” for specific areas of focus and private coaching.

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Confidence Through Competence

firearms training, defenseMany people out there are confident that “having a gun” means they ARE PROTECTED,  but without practice (and competence resulting from that specific practice), that confidence is misplaced and their mistake is not realized until it is too late. (as an example, there are many people who carry a pistol daily but could not hit a 6 inch circle from 10 feet away consistently (and without any situational pressure).

A gun is a tool, like a knife, club, fist, or an elbow/knee.  These are all tools that are relatively worthless without the skill sets to use the tool effectively. Skill sets are only built and grown through correct  practice. I want to help people get their LTC to start with, but also help them learn how to competently use the pistol as intended.  

  • Don’t just hope you’ll be able  do what you need to do,
  • and don’t just “believe” you can do it because you need to do it,
  • have the confidence based on experienced competence.

You’ll know you can do it
because you’ve actually done it.


Located in New Bedford, MA