Smokeless Range

The “smokeless Range” is a virtual range experience.

  • Laser trainers (SIRT pistols)
  • combined with virtual range projection onto a screen
  • and combined with “integrated hit tracking”
  • & personal coaching

all come together to create the perfect opportunity to practice and reinforce all the foundational shooting skills to help you become a better shooter today.
(and detect/correct any bad habits you may have picked up that are holding you back as a better shooter)


  • various stationary targets
  • steel plates
  • realistic distance and size
  • moving targets
  • discretionary shooting practice
  • simulation of crowd and mass shooting events

Experts recommend dry fire practicing more than live fire to be able to correctly practice and “burn in” muscle memory of the correct shooting fundamental skills without “shot anticipation”.

There is no better way !!


  • SIRT pistol (Self Indicating Resetting Trigger) dual laser device
    • foundational skills sets
    • trigger take up skills
    • fast draw and sighting
    • stationary and moving targets
    • dynamic targets (lateral movement and distance)




  • & Old School Coaching
    • eyes on training
    • using experience to improve your shooting
    • reinforce good habits
    • detecting and eliminating bad habits



example of student shooting improvement (after only 1 hr of DRYFIRE practice

before DRYFIRE practice
  • scattered grouping
  • no control
  • lack of confidence
after one hour
DRYFIRE practice
  • tighter grouping
  • control establishing
  • shot anticipation still a factor but being overcome
  • confidence growing

a smokeless range card is a great way to get more “bang for your buck”
each one hr session is $50.00 and comes with included personal coaching

and a card gives you an extra session when you prepay for 3 sessions …

(purchase for yourself or as a gift to someone else)


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