Defense Training

Defense Fundamentals

This Class should be taken after USCCA Concealed Carry and Home Defense Fundamentals 

Have you considered the FACT that you are your first responder ?

If there is ever an attack upon your person, you are the only person who is in a position to be your “first responder” (any one else is arriving after the incident has already taken place). Wouldn’t you want that first responder to be properly trained ?

Well, you have the responsibility and opportunity to ensure that training … by getting the training before the incident occurs (not after).  You are the one who needs to take the initiative to be trained (no one else can do this for you).

Defensive use of a pistol is very different from range use and shooting. The differences separate those who may survive an attack or fail to protect themselves or loved ones (thinking they were ready).


I urge anyone who has their LTC and plans to use their pistol for defense to take this class !


These classes are remarkably informative, comprehensive, engaging, even fun.
(Equipping people with knowledge should be enjoyable)

The purpose of this class is to expose and familiarize the student with self-defense knowledge and skills.

(the student must take responsibility to practice these skills safely, effectively, and repeatedly)

Beyond the safety aspect of gun handling, defensive shooters should realize that a criminal attack is a highly stressful situation. In fact, it will dump more stress into your system than just about anything else that you could imagine. There may well be yelling, shouting, and shooting as people—combatants and non-combatants—are running in all different directions. Your heart rate will be extremely high and your fine motor skills will be virtually gone. In the midst of this extreme chaos, you must function in such a way as to keep up with everything that is going on and to neutralize any threat that might exist. You simply won’t have the luxury of time to give conscious attention to making your defensive firearm work.

Situational Awareness is the first and most important skill. This will get you out of far more trouble than your gun will. Being aware of your level of awareness leads to increased awareness. Coupling this with management skill sets will hopefully get you out of situations before you need to use lethal force.

The gun is your last resort and will be covered intensively as well.

The effective handling of the defensive firearm, when you are under actual attack, must be entirely second nature. Successful operation of the defensive tool must be a habit.

When it comes to defending yourself, you must already possess the skills needed at the time of need
(meaning they must be practiced IN ADVANCE, thoughtfully and methodically)


Failure to Plan = Planning to Fail


The Defense Training is a 3 hr  course ($125/person)
(This course applies shooting fundamentals in a defensive home based scenario using practical drills to acquaint the shooter with real life stress based defense.  Learning how defensive shooting differs from target shooting (methods and results), multiple targets, handling corners, cover and concealment,

 (this course is completely  hands-on using laser training pistols and laser equipped semi-auto pistols.)

*Taught in your home for $150/person
as long as distance to home is within 15 minutes driving distance from 02745
(extra driving time simply requires compensation of $25 per .15 minutes increment).

(i.e. a 30 minute drive to your site to teach would require additional $25 since the first 15 minutes is covered under the class cost)

This course is taught on Saturdays and is also available weeknights (from 6 – 9 pm)

  • Tactics
  • SIRT pistols
  • Mantis X10 Elite Diagnostics
  • Hands-On


A  (Shot Indicating Resetting Trigger Pistol) S.I.R.T. Pistol is a specially designed laser pistol (actually two lasers in one pistol) which shows not only where the sights are aimed at the time of the shot, but can also indicate how the trigger is being used, effective take-up on the trigger, and movement at time of shot.





Mantis X10 Elite Diagnostics Equipment

Discussing (and practice/exposure):

  • S.A. and perspective.
  • the mindset of the attacker
  • O.O.D.A. loop
  • effective use of concealment vs cover
  • practicing both distance shooting and up close shooting
  • earning your draw
  • draw practice methods and mistakes
  • shooting mistakes
  • handling corners
  • where to shoot and how
  • what to expect of yourself when attacked


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