Cancellation/Refund Policy

Fees for  NRA BOPS Class

Fees for  Concealed Carry and Home Defense Fundamentals

Fees for  Defensive Class

  • $125 per person my location
  • $150 per person for individual class (your location)
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Fees for  Get to Know Your Pistol

  • $50.00 = 2 hr of personal instruction for your firearm (dry fire only)
  • $50.00 = 1 hr range time for live fire (optional additional cost)
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Fees for  Personal Coaching

  • $50.00 = 1 hr of personal instruction for you and your firearm (at range)
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*traveling fee for class covers the first 15 miles distance (from the Braley Rd exit off Rt 140 in New Bedford – exit 7)

Range officer fee $50.00/hr (same as training fee at range)

  • to qualify your shooting for local RI Police LTC application.
  • also applies for practicing with my supervision

Fees for  Gun rental and Ammo

Pistol Use  fee $35/hr supervised use of pistol

B-22 targets  fee $2.00/target for those qualifying for RI LTC
(takes min of three targets= $6.00)

AR-500 Steel Target  fee $20.00
(outdoor range use only-seasonal limitations apply)

ammo usage  fee per market value:

  • 9mm 115 gn FMJ         $.60/round
  • .38 Spcl 130 gn FMJ         $0.85/round
  • .22 LR CCI MiniMag   $.40/round
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