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A study of a quickdraw comparing normal and slo-mo recording


Start very slow and methodically with cleared pistol (in this sequence)
  1. Clean Draw (with finger indexed along frame of pistol)
    (the method of pistol access will vary depending upon the method of carry, IWB, OWB, belly band, ankle, etc, but the process and result MUST be the same … completely defeating any garment concealing the pistol and cleanly removing the pistol from the holstering device with no chance of hangup, entanglement, position of dominant hand on pistol is exactly where and how it will be when firing,  and finger indexed at side of frame)
  2. Compression in front of torso (where final 2-handed grip on pistol is established), or single hand is holding pistol ready for presentation.(with trigger finger kept in safe index position along frame)
  3. Accurate presentation to target (barrel is aimed at target, gun is pushed outward towards target, eyes are already locked on target and pistol’s sight alignment is added to the line of sight between eye and target)(confirmation of correct alignment is the last opportunity to correct bad target acquisition or moving target as you finger moves to the trigger for the shot)
practice these three stages.
Don’t practice until you get it right … practice until you dont get it wrong
as you develop this into muscle memory, speed will naturally occur in time.
Slow = right = speed (because speed is the result of removing wasted movement) but fast and wrong is dangerous.

mechanics of a  quickdraw


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