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When your morning at the range starts off with a perfect bullseye at 32 feet (.22LR from a Ruger Mk II), you are faced with a dilemma every shooter dreams of facing:

  1. keep on shooting (knowing it will destroy the already perfect sheet)
  2. stop shooting, go home and enjoy the “perfect morning”  LOL  seriously, I get my rushed shots in a good center mass grouping even when rushing, but when I am just planning on some relaxed range shooting, I usually waste the first target honing myself in, getting all the finer foundation skills to work together. It’s the second and third sheets that I usually am happy with as the groups tighten up by then (takes 5-10 rounds to remind my body that I am expecting precision and not just “center mass / defensive shooting accuracy”. So when this happened, I stopped, lowered my pistol, and squinted at the target wondering where my shot went and what that “speck” was in the middle of my sheet !!  I then pulled the target back to my firing line to discover the speck was in fact my shot !

Now my dilemma. (to shoot or not to shoot)

I decided to risk it all and keep shooting.  My dad shooting away in the stall to the right of mine was also having a great day (happily firing his charter arms .22 revolver and seeing his tighter groupings for the first time shooting since he had surgery to remove cataracts from both eyes)

I ended up with this and four other sheets just like it. Not a dead bullseye with nothing else to destroy the image of perfection, but joy inspiring non-the-less !

I am 58 years old now, vision is slightly blurred (meaning that when using front sight focus, rear sights blur more and target blurs more).

This is written by a very happy man who’s glad he was willing to “wreck the perfect target LOL

Basically, get out and shoot, one way or another and enjoy yourself !

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