On the Topic of Fingerprint Readers on Firearms

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I am ALL FOR properly secured firearms !

knowing that most of the issues in this country against 2A is caused or triggered by illegal use of illegally possessed weapons, it leads me to question the current path/solution in our liberal culture (which is to either disarm people in general or make the weapons less effective). This, frankly sounds quite stupid for so many obvious reasons,

I don’t even intend to begin listing them (I will simply assume that you, the reader, possess the basic faculty of common sense and move on to a more logical solution.

I suggest, logically, a two prong solution.

  1. make illegal weapons harder to possess and use illegally
    1. meaning secure storage is the responsibility of every gun owner and seller.
    2. meaning penalties should be longer and harder (raise the stakes)
    3. meaning emotionally or mentally ill people should not have access to said weapons
  2. ensure that legal responsible citizens can effectively respond to deadly force with their own effective deadly force.
    1. meaning they are trained and practiced in concealed carry skills and home  defense
    2. meaning the weapons can be accessed and utilized in a timely and effective manner to the end of self defense.

the uninformed members of our society try to solve 1-a by violating 2-a.
(i.e. trying to improve safe storage by making it harder for citizens to access or use the weapon)


A perfect example of this is the mandated installation of “fingerprint readers” on weapons to make them usable by only one person (the registered fingerprint owner)


Yes, I agree, technology is out there that CAN read and recognize fingerprints.

No, the technology is not reliable enough or fast enough to be safe or practical for the carrier.
(I have some of this tech on two of my safes in my house and I would never want my life or those in my home to be dependent upon these “cutting edge” advancements) They are not reliable enough or fast enough to guarantee access when needed with 100% accuracy. They stall, mis-read prints, take anywhere from 2-5 seconds on a good day, and rely on battery power to operate.

  • uncertain accuracy
  • errors
  • slow
  • dependent on electronics (mounted to a firing weapon) and batteries

any one of these items would be enough to disqualify this tech as safe effective firearm use
(and all four are concerns)

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