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Here is my latest purchase (assembled)

a Ruger PC Carbine 9mm

did I mention that it’s a take down ?

Yup, there is is (the chamber at the end of the barrel is the bayonet mount fitting into the action of the receiver.


It’s a very nice setup.

You are likely asking ? “what’s the bid deal ?”

I’ll answer that with “it uses my existing 9mm ammo”

It uses pistol magazines

  • Ruger SR9
  • Ruger Security-9
  • Ruger American (with adapter installed)
  • Glock mags (with adapter installed)
  • and found adapters on eBay for Sig mags (including the 365)

I have a number of existing firearms in my house and plenty of ammunition for them in 9mm

(already keeping different ammo for 30-06, .38 SPL, .380, and .22LR … I don’t want any more calibers to worry about)

I want a carbine that can use one of my existing calibers. (and a PC Carbine fits that need, well … at least for 9mm which is the most common caliber out there)

the criteria for the choice:

  • reputation of manufacturer
  • dependability of item
  • ease of use
  • accuracy (for short-medium carbine use … 50-150 yards)
  • flexible platform (accessories)
  • ease of loading and cleaning
  • compact and maneuverable

added features

  • 1/2 x 28 threading for muzzle break (or suppressor)
  • picatinny rail for scope or red dot
  • adjustable butt stock (inserts)
  • full adjustable rear sight (windage and elevation
  • front sight has bladed protection
  • reversible charge bolt
  • reversible Mag Ejection
  • gain approx. 200 ft/second on bullet velocity due to the 16″ barrel)
  • basic observations
    • not cheaply made (good solid feel, cold forged barrel with fluting)
    • good sights (both mounted on barrel so the sight radius is a bit short)
    • a little heavy for a carbine, but manageable

What I’ll be doing to it:

stage 1 (done)

  • disassemble, clean (degrease), lube, and reassemble
  • switched charge handle to left side
  • changed inserts in butt stock for custom length
  • fine tuned iron sights at indoor 25’ yard range (then later at outdoor 100 yard range)

Stage 2 (done)

  • add tactical red dot sight in forward position

Stage 3 (done)

  • replaced grip with 14” extended M-Lok hand guard rail (Midwest Industries)
    • (more flexibility in attachments and better cooling of barrel)
  • installed 2” picatinny rail at forward bottom of new guard rail
    • (place for bipod)

Stage 4 (done)

  • installed additional picatinny rails (Grolent Dark Earth)
    • (place for light, laser, and Mantis X 10 training module)

Stage 5 (d0ne)

  • replaced action pins and trigger pin (full length steel pins)
    • (easier strip down, cleaning, and servicing)
  • installed better recoil buffer pad at rear of bolt action (and steel retainer for guide rod)
    • (more durability and life of rifle)

Stage 6 (done)

  • added 1/2×28 threaded compensator (Tandemkross Game Changer muzzle break) 
    • (do I really need to explain this one ?)

Stage 7 (done)

  • install m-lok grip panels on sides and bottom of hand guard rail
    • (comfortable grip on M-Lok)

  • replaced mag eject with extended button
    • (faster mag reload functionality)

Stage 8 (done)

  • install Kydex adjustable cheek riser.
    • (consistent line of sight along butt stock)

the final result:

ironically, right after sighting in the red-dot at 50 yards (and looking to going 100 yards the following week)
the reticle died on me !!

so … I found this one and sighted it in instead


I had to also put a UTG 3x flip out magnifier behind the optical sight


so now …

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