Personal Coaching

Personal Coaching with the Shot Doctor

Need some one on one time to improve your shooting ?

Review/Improve your foundational skills. 

  • Stance
  • Breathing
  • hold
  • Sight alignment & picture
  • Trigger control

Technology, Experience, Dry Fire, and Live Fire all combined to provide you with the best coaching experience to get the most from the time.

You will be a better shot when we’re done (then it’s up to you to practice)

price is $50.00/hr (ammunition is additional cost at market rate)

First step is to ascertain your current skill level to schedule the best class details for your experience.


(may include any of the below teaching methods)

SIRT Pistols

Laser Training Cartridge (in your pistol)

MantisX (on your pistol)

Dry Fire

Live Fire


A  (Shot Indicating Resetting Trigger Pistol) S.I.R.T. Pistol is a specially designed laser pistol (actually two lasers in one pistol) which shows not only where the sights are aimed at the time of the shot, but can also indicate how the trigger is being used, effective take-up on the trigger, and movement at time of shot.




A laser training cartridge is designed to fit into the chamber of a gun and will only briefly fire a laser when struck from behind by the firing pin/striker. This is an excellent dry fire tool that any responsible gun owner should use frequently.


Mantis X10 Elite Diagnostics Equipment
detects slightest movements during shooting to fine tune the operators skills

the goal is to develop your shooting skills

(range and/or defense)


“Smokeless Range” Session (private coaching is another option)(one can add movement, multiple targets, etc)






(below is a video example of basic defensive shooting utilizing multiple shots and managing recoil)


(any questions can be emailed here)