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“I just attended Dave’s course with my boyfriend today. Let me tell you, he was so organized and detail oriented with all the material taught in this class. He is very respectful, professional and gives great feedback. Not to mention, his sense of humor, he allowed the class to flow so easily and get the message across! We left today’s course confident and knowledgeable on what was taught! Hands down the best experience, and would highly recommend! If you are looking for a more one-on-one interaction , Dave is the guy you want to contact! Can’t wait for more courses and coaching to come !”

Catarina C. 01-20-2024 B.O.P.S. 


“I recently attended this gun class and found it to be exceptionally professional and focused. The instructor displayed a good sense of humor, making the learning experience enjoyable, while his caring approach ensured everyone’s safety. His passionate teaching style is perfect for both prospective license holders and seasoned gun owners looking to refine their skills. I highly recommend this class for a comprehensive and engaging experience.”

Nick P. 09-23-2023 B.O.P.S. 


“I thoroughly enjoyed this class. I highly recommend it to anyone interested in the home defense class. Thank you so much instructor Dave Cadieux.”

Marilyn C. 09-10-2023 USCCA Concealed Carry and Home Defense Fundamentals 


“Best teacher ever, I say. He was great explaining everything; a very helpful, funny, respectful gentleman. He loves to teach and I can see that he loves what he does.”

Jose R. 08-05-2023 B.O.P.S. 


“Dave is an excellent instructor. Cares about his students and it shows. I’ll be back for more”

Arthur T. 08-04-2023 USCCA Concealed Carry and Home Defense Fundamentals 


“Dave was very thorough w/ his instruction in all areas of the class. He was positive and engaging throughout the day.”

David P. 08-05-2023 B.O.P.S. 


“Very informative course. Dave’s passion and care were obvious and outstanding.”

Christiopher B.. 06-03-2023 B.O.P.S. 

“Class was great, fun, relaxing, lots of information to digest, lots of hands-on as well. This is definitely worth the time and money. Would recommend to friends and family”

John B. 05-06-2023 B.O.P.S. 

“Hello Dave, Thank you so very much for you understanding and helpfulness. I have a bit of a hard time learning things by just reading but, thanks to you, I was actually able to learn how to operate a firearm safely”

C.A. 04-01-2023 B.O.P.S. 

“I’d like to recommend anyone looking for firearms training to go with Dave at 21st Century Minuteman! Dave is an amazing instructor and goes in depth very well across the whole course. As I am going for my LTC, I am looking forward to taking the other courses he has to offer. 5 stars no question about it ! You will leave the course well suited with all your “need to knows” and more !”

Shane F. 03-04-2023 B.O.P.S. 

“This is the second course I’ve taken with Dave. He is very knowledgeable about the subject matter. He is passionate about concealed carry and makes his courses enjoyable.”

Peter M. 02-25-2023 USCCA Concealed Carry and Home Defense Fundamentals 

“Great guy, very friendly, made me feel at home. Excellent hands on instructor !”

Dave G. 01-07-2023 B.O.P.S.  


(From Google Review) “This 5 star rating is absolutely deserved. The classes are filled with great information and the instructor actually takes the time to explain and answer our questions. There is also a lot of hands-on learning and various different classes to choose from, including one-on-one classes, which i personally appreciate. I recommend going through 21st Century Minuteman to become a more proficient and safe firearm user!”

Alex B. 11-01-2022 B.O.P.S., Personal Coaching 


Sharon M. 09-24-2022 USCCA Concealed Carry and Home Defense Fundamentals 


“The class is kept small and very comfortable,in this way Dave makes it so he’s sure you understand what he is teaching stopping at anytime to answer a question, He is very well prepared,knowledgeable and an excellent instructor,highly recommended. Joe C.”

Joe C. 08-03-2022 USCCA Concealed Carry and Home Defense Fundamentals


“Very Informative, thorough, articulate, and professional”

Mike Y. 07-16-2022 B.O.P.S. 

“Highly recommend 21st Century Minuteman. Dave is an excellent instructor and extremely knowledgeable. There was a good blend of content and hands on learning throughout the day and Dave took the time to ensure all of my questions were answered. Overall I am very satisfied with the experience and the knowledge I’ve gained.
Thanks Dave!”

Chris R. 12-18-2021 B.O.P.S.

“Great course …Dave was well prepared with the hands-on parts used during training and he had the knowledge to answer ALL questions asked of him. (I had taken a commonwealth pistol class last year but it was nothing like this class. I was happy to pay for this training.)”

Peter M. 11-06-2021 B.O.P.S.

“Came into Dave’s class with zero knowledge, never shot a pistol, could barely cock the pistol … but now, thanks to the class and Dave’s help and support, I feel so much more confident with gun control. His way of teaching is super informative!”

Nikita S. 09-18-2021 B.O.P.S.  

“Great presentation with repetitive focus on pertinent course information. Great hands on training for safety and general use. I got much more than I expected. Great class.”

Rob C. 09-04-2021 B.O.P.S.

“Going into the class I was a little nervous because I didn’t know what to expect, but Dave gave me the CONFIDENCE afterwards. He’s very knowledgeable, professional, dedicated, and committed. Dave shared the basics of using a firearm and made sure I was comfortable and ready to use the firearm before heading down to a local gun range to show off what I learned. I HIGHLY recommend taking Dave’s classes and thinking of taking his defense class soon.   Thank you Dave!”

Cristian B. 07-24-2021 B.O.P.S. 

“Class was well taught and well paced. Time was taken to answer questions to completion and each section included a discussion as to “why’s?”.”

Tim M. – 06-19-2021 – B.O.P.S.

“Dave was well presented and he got a good “read” on each person’s specific ability and their needs in the class. I’m glad I took his class.”

Tim A. – 06-19-2021 – B.O.P.S. 

“Conveys information to students with an outstanding ability, hands-on aspect. Goes above and beyond. I feel much more comfortable handling pistols. I am so glad I had to take this course again to certify and learned so much more than I did in the MA commonwealth class I had previously taken.”

Nick P. – 06-05-2021 – B.O.P.S. 

“I recently attended Dave’s NRA Pistol Safety course with my 29 yr old son and 21 yr old niece.  As a Certified Master Trainer, I can attest to Dave’s professionalism and welcoming demeanor.  I was impressed with Dave’s hand-made training aids to add to our understanding and his delivery of course content.  I recommend this course for everyone!” Great Work Dave!

Scott M. – 04-17-2021 – B.O.P.S.  

“I took the N.R.A. Basics Of Pistol Safety class and S.I.R.T. (Defense) Training class that Dave offers. Dave is very knowledgeable in the proper use of firearms. I have known Dave for well over twenty five years and knowing his character is what prompted me to pursue him, and no one else, when it came to my need of training. He is truly concerned with the person that he is training… and takes the time to ensure that what is taught is retained. He put me through numerous possible situations (in his tactical class) where I may need to protect myself and possibly others with the use of a firearm. I am still in training and look forward to Dave’s class weekly! Anything that I do… I do to the best of my ability… and Dave is on that same page. I highly recommend Dave’s classes and am able to do so without hesitation in this case ! Take Dave’s classes… you will be glad that you did.”

A.B. –  04-13-2021 – B.O.P.S. & Tactical Defense 

“The class was fun and very informative. I really liked the small class and the added information that Dave included (like some basic tactical uses and retention shooting). I would highly recommend to anyone”

Ryan –  04-10-2021 – B.O.P.S.  

“My wife and I took Dave’s L.T.C. prep course (B.O.P.S.) and we absolutely loved it. Dave was very engaging, expertly knowledgeable, and fun! He really helped teach my wife and I to become better, safer shooters and with ease. Lots of hands-on instruction with his own added tools and guidance. A+”

Dave –  03-13-2021 – B.O.P.S. 

“Very informative and thorough in the basics of pistol shooting. I feel much more confident in my abilities and am ready to become a responsible pistol owner and user”

Christine – 03-13-2021 – B.O.P.S. 

“Your class is awesome. I am happy to tell others about it. You don’t just teach the minimum required by NRA, you teach it with passion and really wanted me to understand how things work, how to be safe, and even added stuff to help me defend myself. I have military background and found you to be very knowledgeable.”

Steve – 03-06-2021 – B.O.P.S.

“It was a pleasure to take part in Dave’s N.R.A. course on pistol safety. The material was well prepared and he knew exactly what he was talking about. The phrase “Confidence through Competence” comes to life in the way he relays the information, demonstrates it, and then has us do it as well. As ex-military I knew the basics, but after taking this course I feel more confident than ever before in properly using and securing a firearm on my person and in my care.”

Tyler H. – 11-07-20 – B.O.P.S.  

“Dave was an amazing teacher for the pistol class. The fact that he’s an NRA instructor is beneficial as you actually get more range time (and more hands-on in the class as well). Super fun experience and awesome dude to be taught by.”

Chad A. – 10-03-2020 – B.O.P.S.

Google Review would be a great way to provide feedback and help others find me