Class Comparison

Classes are kept small for a “personal experience”

  • (4 students or less) to ensure opportunity for questions and interaction.
  • Lots of hands-on throughout the class.
  • Everyone benefits from a “personal trainer” atmosphere.


(NRA Certified)

LTC Class
Basic Pistol

(USCCA certified)

Concealed Carry and Home Defense.

Defense Skills

101 Course.

Get to Know

Your Pistol

L.T.C. Class

with a focus safety for LTC Application

introduction to the skill sets of concealed carrying for defense.

for concealed carry tactical skills

for orientation
and training

LTC & Safety introduction

Concealed Carry Skills (basic skills)

Concealed Carry Skills
(intermediate skills)

gun handling skills

WHO IS IT FOR: Those who are new to firearms, have limited experience, or need a certificate to apply for a License to Carry. The class offers in-depth instruction in all facets of firearms safety, operation, and ownership.

WHAT IS TAUGHT: Safe gun handling, parts and components, operation, ammunition, maintenance, range shooting stances,  safety rules, shooting techniques for better accuracy. (click here for more information) (everything you need to enjoy a day at the range)

WHO IS IT FOR: Those who want to learn what is involved in using a weapon for self-defense and the paradigm basics (as well as making yourself less likely to be attacked in the first place).

WHAT IS TAUGHT: How to safely weapon handling, situational awareness as a lifestyle, levels of response, legal use of force, ways to protect your home, defensive shooting skills and methods.

(click here for more information)

WHO IS IT FOR: Those who are looking to learn what basic tactical skills are needed to defend themselves with their every day carry (EDC).

WHAT IS TAUGHT: How to practice and acquire those defensive pistol skills, and how to keep those skills sharp. Situational awareness, and tactical skills are also covered (click here for more information) (orientation and exposure to basics of defense)

Firearms training which exposes you to various skills and tactics to practice for effective defensive use of a pistol.

WHO IS IT FOR: Those who already own a pistol but need to be refamiliarized with it’s operation and use.

WHAT IS TAUGHT: How to safely handle, field-strip, assemble, load, shoot and store your pistol (have some quality time and bond with your pistol with a chaperone !) (click here for more information). This course is also great for those who already own a pistol and want to shoot better at the range.


I also offer:

  • multiple USCCA “mini-classes” for specific areas of focus.
  • Group Discounts (and can also be taught onsite at group location.

as well as personal coaching.

“Smokeless Range” Session (private coaching in a virtual shooting range)
smokeless range card is a great way to get more “bang for your buck”
(each one hr session is $50.00 but the card gives you and extra session when you prepay for 3 session …

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