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So Just how Many States Does the Utah CCW Permit Get You?

A quick internet search shows many venues advertising the Utah CCW course. They claim that the Utah CCW allows one to carry in as many as 38 states. Others advertise 32 or 36. So, what’s the real number? For a Massachusetts resident who already holds a MA LTC adding the Utah CCW, adds 5! My citations for this article come from the Utah BCI website, Handgunlaw.us and the various State’s Law Enforcement web sites.

We need to realize that we have 21 states “Constitutional Carry” states.

There are also an additional 8 states that recognize the MA LTC even though Massachusetts doesn’t recognize any other state’s gun permits.

Four states recognize the Utah CCW, provided that the holder resides in Utah. Remember, Utah doesn’t have a non-resident CCW. Utah has one CCW, period. What makes it “non-resident”, is the fact that the holder’s primary residence is in another state.

When we add in the other anti 2A states that have a similar licensing scheme when compared to Massachusetts, we are left with 5 additional states that a MA resident who holds an LTC and Utah CCW can carry in. Those states are: Delaware, Georgia, Louisiana, Nebraska and Washington.

I recommend doing your own research when carrying or transporting guns and ammunition into and through other states. Handgunlaw.us has always been a great resource. Take a look at the USCCA page as well.


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