Tips (after defending yourself in a shooting)

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  1. Don’t have your pistol in your hands when police arrive (if at all possible)
    1. if practical, clear the pistol then secure it in holster, gun safe, etc
    2. be prepared to tell the responding officer that the magazine in on the ground, under your foot, etc and that your pistol is already cleared
  2. When calling dispatch (police 911) dont yell.
    1. calmly explain what happened, what you are wearing, where you are and request police and medics
  3. Call your legal representative (yes, you will need an attorney for legal advice especially for what to say and not say)
    1. concealed carry insurance is an excellent way to be ready for this need
  4. Do not offer a detailed report to police until you have had at least 72 hrs to recalibrate yourself
    1. you will be adrenalinized and not thinking clearly
    2. you will be offering details that can and will be reinterpreted against you in court
    3. offer the simple, “i was afraid for my life and eliminated the threat … I want to talk to my lawyer”
    4. you can even say “I don’t feel well and would like to be taken to the hospital
  5. Do not treat police like your friends, nor be hostile. (neutral general response)
  6. Do not leave the scene of the shooting (unless you are still in danger)
    1. leaving the scene when danger is eliminated changes the self-defense scenario into a murder investigation
  7. Never touch any evidence at the scene after shooting is done
    1. dont touch the attacker’s weapon, don’t touch the attacker

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