The 3 Rules of Gun Safety

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  1. ALWAYS keep the gun aimed in a safe direction
    • you never let the muzzle aim at something or someone you don’t want destroyed by a bullet.
    • This applies to outdoors and indoors (homes, businesses, ranges, etc)
    • also means you know what is around your target (in front, behind, aside, etc)
  2. ALWAYS keep your finger off the trigger until ready to shoot
    • your finger is the only safety you can trust
    • finger is to be indexed along frame of pistol (not trigger guard
    • including keeping finger away from trigger while drawing
    • finger does not touch trigger until sight picture is established
  3. ALWAYS keep the gun unarmed until ready for use
    • stored pistols (that are not staged) are cleared
    • pistol cleaning and servicing requires the safe status of a cleared pistol (with no ammo even nearly on the table)

NO Exceptions.


These rules do not prevent negligent discharges, but will prevent injury from shooting if a discharge occurs.

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