Shooting Skill Sets

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Range Practice

  • The Goal : Slow & methodical bullseyes
  • 5 Foundational Skills
    • Stance
    • Breath Control
    • Hold Control
    • Trigger Control
    • Aim
      • Sight Alignment
      • Sight Picture
  • Take all the time needed for a bullseye shot
  • Staying calm and relaxed to enhance accuracy
  • Shooting at stationary target
  • Common to close non-dominant eye to improve accuracy.


Defense Practice

  • The Goal : Efficient and Fast Center Mass Shooting
  • 5 Foundational Skills
    • Fast Draw
    • Hold
    • Trigger
    • Aim (front sight focus over center mass of target)
    • Stance is practiced from multiple variations (but treated as a variable to compensated for by the first 4 skills
    • Breath control is ignored
  • Shots are measured by the “good enough/center mass” idea
  • Adrenalizing oneself to simulate stress is crucial.
  • Moving oneself around, multiple targets, moving targets are optimal for practice
  • Both eyes open at all times (learning to shoot with both eyes open)


As you can see, the range skills DO have some value, but do not prepare the defender to effectively use their sidearm.

Add situational awareness skills (since the best fight is the one we can avoid all together)
and you now begin to see that there are different ways to practice (depending on what you need to improve)

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