How to Use Your Sights at the Range

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Sight Alignment is established First

Sight Picture is the Added to the sight alignment

Rules need to be mentioned at this point:

  1. Don’t move into sight picture until the sight alignment is locked in.
  2. Don’t change the sight alignment while trying to lock in the sight picture.
  3. If you mess up the sight alignment while working on sight picture, forget about the sight picture and go back to sight alignment first.

this skill called sighting is one of five foundational skills

  1. sighting
    1. sight alignment
    2. sight picture
  2. trigger control
    1. trigger moved straight back in alignment with the barrel
    2. trigger crossing the middle of pad of index finger (not at finger tip nor at knuckle)
  3. hold control
    1. proper grip with dominant hand and support hand to reduce movement while aiming and shooting
  4. breath control
    1. holding “mid breath” while depressing trigger to minimize movement while shooting
  5. follow through
    1. proper exercise of first four skills before, during, and after shot


this post is only about using the iron sights on your pistol

Let’s walk through this step by step.

Sight Alignment starts with getting the front and back sights properly aligned with your line of sight using your dominant eye. (nothing else meaning forget the target exists)
This is often described as:

  • “equal height” where there is a flush line across the tops of the sights
  • and “equal light” where the spacing at left and right of the front sight are even.
Sight Picture is moving the “locked” Sight Alignment onto the target.

  • do not change sight alignment (meaning you lock your head, neck, shoulders, and arms as one fused unit) think of your upper body as a tank turret moving only at the hip to get onto target
  • flush line of the sights (what we called equal height) and center line of front sight are centered over the center of the bully as seen on left.
  • if you mess up your sight alignment while trying to add the target in the background, forget the target and go back to fixing the sight alignment first.
Sight Picture should look like this. Eye focus should be on front sight (meaning both the rear sight and target will be slightly blurred)

  • hold as steady as possible while steadily squeezing the trigger rearward.

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