NRA Basics of Pistol Safety – mobile

Taught in Your Home (or meeting hall)


Confidence Through Competence

The official NRA Basic Pistol Safety Course
required to apply for your MA  License To Carry

– Instructor Led (NRA Certified): (this comprehensive course will equip the student with: stance, hands-on training and experience with firearms, aiming, accuracy, safety, gun cleaning, gun storage, range etiquette, proper gun selection, etc.)

The following Instructor Led Courses are approx. 7 hrs long
(and finish with visit to range for live fire qualification)


This course is normally taught on Saturdays  (from 8am – 4 pm)

Yes, this course can also be taught in your home. (contact me for additional details beyond what is listed below)

  • minimum of three people, maximum is 5
  • $50 dollar* additional fee for bring class equipment to your location
  • wide screen tv required for powerpoint portion of presentation

*fee may be waived for classes of 4-5 students depending on distance to travel

To Request A Basic Pistol Safety Course in your home:

  1. Sign up to request a saturday class date in between (click here)
  2. print out and sign waiver (to bring with you for class or you can sign one upon arrival)
  3. make your payment

venmo payments also accepted (send to no checks please

(any questions can be emailed here)

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